Steven Wilson's : The Harmony Codex

Theo appears as a guest musician on 3 tracks on the new Steven Wilson album 'The Harmony Codex' released 29 September 2023.On the opening track 'Inclination' Theo plays flute, on 'Beautiful Scarecrow' he contributes some Duduk and on the 10 - minute epic 'Impossible Tightrope', he is featured with a tenor sax solo.

LATEST NEWS : Other Doors

Theo co-produced and composed much of the new music for the brand new Soft Machine album ‘Other Doors’ released on 30 June 2024. The album has been receiving great reviews around the world.

'Crooked Usage' is the jazziest thing here - it's as poignant as a Thelonious Monk ballad and proves as tentative and mind blowing as Monk at his most compelling. Etheridge on 'Whisper Back' delivers poignancy by the kleenex box load on 'The Stars Apart'. For bass riffery head to 'Now! Is The Tine' but 'Back in Season' sums up the passing of time best of all and the august floating sense of the spheres this lovable record evokes." - **** Marlbank

"Other Doors does a fine job of balancing the past with the present, and also what's to come...Travis' intuitive sense of purpose works well within the framework of this incarnation in which the fluidity of the interplay between himself and the great John Etheridge is breathtaking at times." - Prog

"Despite being around for 55 years now, the band still press forward, constantly seeking new frontiers to explore, and this album is accomplished and impressive while still retaining the defining essence and heady mix of influences and styles that is quintessentially Soft Machine." - The Afterword

"Time catches up with all of us, and Marshall and Babbington leave the band with an album that will delight Soft Machine fans. What's also clear is that with Travis and Etheridge at the helm, the future of Soft Machine is in good hands." - Jazz Views

The band is embarking on a world tour staring in September 2023 in Toledo , Spain. For tour dates see here-


Theo was quoted extensively in the Guardian newspaper recently in an article about bands with no original members. You can see the article here –

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Theo’s One Hour Duduk piece ‘Ancient Soul, Modern Times’ has now had over 810,000 views making it Theo’s most popular Youtube video by a significant amount. You can watch and listen here-