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New solo album Aeolus: One hour duduk meditation

Softs 2023 tour flyer copyWith Production and Soundscapes by Steven Wilson

(Panegyric Records. Release date 6 September 2024)

Pre-orders now open from Burning Shed- Click Here!

When Theo Travis began experimenting with long-form improvised instrumentals for duduk – a woodwind instrument from Armenia sometimes described as ‘the saddest sounding instrument in the world’, he could hardly have imagined a world in which such a one-hour piece would clock up in excess of a million plays on YouTube. Yet that is precisely what happened, with the multi-functional music finding fans purely in its own terms as well as for an array of uses from meditation to yoga, to relaxation & more. Something about the sound, the performances, the context, found, built & maintained a much wider audience than most, far more mainstream music, all without hype, marketing or a dedicated record label supporting the release.

Extending the idea, Theo worked with producer Steven Wilson, (who has previously mixed and mastered many of Theo’s solo recordings & in whose band Theo has played) to produce a new duduk improvisation in multi-channel audio as well as stereo, with soundscapes assembled by Steven Wilson from Theo’s alto flute playing. The result is a stunning & utterly unique piece of work which helps to define new possibilities for so-called “Immersive audio”, without losing focus on the pure sound of the duduk improvisations which have struck such a chord with a wide & growing audience online.

The new piece ‘Aeolus’ (again, one hour long) appears in Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround Sound & 24/96 high resolution stereo on the Blu-ray & in standard 16/44 audio on the accompanying CD. Pre-orders now open on burning shed (see link above)

AEOLUS: Composed by Theo Travis & Steven Wilson

Theo Travis – Duduk & Alto flute

Steven Wilson – Production & Soundscapes

Ancient Soul, Modern Times: Composed by Theo Travis

Theo Travis – Duduk & Soundscapes

Comments on Theo’s One Hour Duduk Meditaitons

“I think God wanted to gift humanity an instrument to remind them of Him and this how we ended up with such divine sounds “

“This is the most melancholic sounding and most beautiful instrument on earth. Thank you.”

“Duduk touches my soul like no other instrument”

“The sound of the Duduk is totally different from all the music I have heard. Once your consciousness, your awareness connects with this sound fully, it empties the mind of self-centred thoughts and gives a blissful feeling!”

“Amazing divine sound of Armenian duduk when I feel overwhelmed and at lowest lows, I listen to this and it's the only music that helps me”

“When I feel emotionally high or overwhelmed and carried away from reality, I instantly turn to the sounds of the duduk, to bring me back down, planted, rooted and stay real. It’s really an antidote for my soul. Greetings, Armenia....! Much love from Canada.”

“Certainly one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. Sounds very, very ancient and haunting. “

“Theo is a gem, love his work with Soft Machine”

“It elevates my soul to higher places beyond earth “

“So poignant, so serene, so soulful... Thank you for this”

 See also Theo’s YouTube channel  @TheoTravisOfficial

Theo Travis – The Dark Hours

Theo Travis 2021 Roundup

On 10 June 2023, Theo Travis releases his brand new album ‘The Dark Hours’. It is released soley on Bandcamp as a digital release.

The new studio album, recorded in London in 2023, embraces the world of dark jazz. It was inspired by Film Noir, the atmospheres and music of Twin Peaks, Doomer and Industrial musics but is all refined through Theo Travis' own musical vision and his jazz and ambient sensibilities. 

It features Theo on tenor sax but also on a classic Fender Rhodes electric piano. Theo has also produced the album and incorporated subtle ambient soundscapes to give the album its noir ambience.

The main guest musician is London based trumpet and flugelhorn player Paul Higgs who contributes to three of the tracks. There is also a remix of a track ‘Here’s that Rainy Day’ that first appeared on Theo’s ‘Heart of the Sun’ album. The remix fits the atmosphere of this new album which is why it was included. That track features two internationally famous musicians Palle Mikkelborg and Daevid Allen (from Gong)

Perhaps Theo’s darkest and most filmic release, it has been suggested that the best way to listen to the album is to play it at night, turn the lights down low and pour yourself a glass of something, or maybe one more cup of coffee...


Theo Travis - Tenor Saxophone, Fender Rhodes piano, Electric Guitar, Soundscapes, Samples 
Paul Higgs - Trumpet/Flugelhorn (2,5,6,) 
Palle Mikkelborg- Flugelhorn (4) 
Daevid Allen- Glissando Guitar (4) 
Andy Hamill - Double bass (4) 
David Gordon- Piano (4) 
Bjorn Luecker - Drums (4) Produced by Theo Travis 
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Theo Travis 

Cover image by Alex Fu


Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Gigs

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Streatham House Concert with Theo Travis & Jakko Jakszyk (15:00hrs)

Streatham House Concert with Theo Travis & Jakko Jakszyk (19:30hrs)

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