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Hello, My name is Theo Travis. I am a British saxophone and flute player and composer, playing in various genres of music. This channel was made to share my music and ideas. I am and have been a member of various bands, including Soft Machine, Gong, The Tangent and Double Talk. I have also toured with musicians including David Gilmour, David Sylvian, Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp. It would be much appreciated if you subscribe to my channel. I really hope you enjoy the content that I have posted and will be posting on a monthly basis. Thank you for listening to my music and please like and subscribe!
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Theo Travis - Brilliant Trees (ft David Longdon)

Credits- Music- Theo Travis – Brilliant Trees (ft David Longdon) from: Theo Travis – Songs From The Apricot Tree (ESCD002) Publishing PRS/MCPS Theo Travis – Duduk, Keyboards, Electronic percussion David Longdon – Voice Jack Haigh – Acoustic guitar Josh Williams – Electric guitar Ancient Mariner – Electric Guitar Reinaldo Ocando – Acoustic percussion Mixed by Dave Sturt Mastered by Josh Benzin Video – David Longdon appears courtesy of Big Big Train and English Electric Recordings The woodland footage was filmed by Sarah Ewing on location at Watnall Wood, Nottinghamshire March 2021 for Scarlet Elfcup Films. Theo Travis filmed at the Red Shed Studio, North London by Ian Hill Film edited by Trevor Harris See for album ordering information

Ten Minute Alto Flute Meditation

The second in a series of meditation with music videos, this time featuring the beautiful sound of the alto flute plus a carefully crafted A minor ambient soundscape. Relax, meditate, chill out, sleep, dream, breathe, enjoy. Composition - Misty Lake, Clear Mind Composed by - Theo Travis Performed by - Theo Travis Published by PRS/MCPS 2021 Theo Travis plays Trevor James Alto Flutes

One Hour Duduk Meditation

Quiet music for one hour of meditation, calm, and reflection. Give yourself some time, accompanied by 3000 years of music history with the beautiful ancient sound of the Armenian duduk. Song - Ancient Soul, Modern Times Artist- Theo Travis Composer - Theo Travis (PRS/MCPS)

Travis & Fripp - 'So There '

From: Travis & Fripp 'Follow' (Panegyric 2012) Robert Fripp - Guitar Theo Travis - Tenor and Baritone Saxophones Composed by T Travis & R Fripp Recorded by Trevor Wilkins Mixed and Mastered by Steve Wilson Photo credits- Album photography - Mark Nelson Robert Fripp portraits - Theo Travis Theo Travis and joint portraits - Trevor Wilkins and Sid Smith 'But after a second triptych that moves into ever more abstract territory with the increasingly angular "Rotary Symmetrical, Follow closes with its biggest surprise. Featuring Fripp's grittiest guitar playing in years, Travis' layered horns and a relentless tambourine and foot-stomp, "So There" proves that Travis & Fripp can not only rock; it can be funky, too. Extraterrestrial riffs, take-no-prisoners light-speed strumming, an unexpectedly calm middle section and a finale where Travis matches Fripp's intensity ferocious note for ferocious note, it may be a joking middle-finger salute to those who've pegged Travis & Fripp as "too soft," but there's really only one thing left to say: rock on, guys, rock on.' John Kelman
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