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Please ensure that you choose the correct shipping destination option for your country! Your item(s) will be delayed if you do not make the right choice as we will need to contact you for the supplementary charges.

Post BREXIT charges for EU customers.

EU based customers need to be aware that they will probably start to see additional 'in country' tax and customs demands after buying from my website. These are charges that have to be paid before delivery will take place. This item from a UK media outlet describes this quite clearly. Essentially, you may have to pay customs or VAT charges and a handling fee in your receiving country before you can claim your items. These charges will depend on the country we are sending to and the value of the item. Please, be aware of this potential additional cost before you buy. It's a real mess and there is nothing I can do but highlight the matter to you - these charges can be quite high!

Thanks - Theo

Recreator : Solar Sahara (CD)

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 For the Love of Open Spaces (CD)

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The Tonefloat Sessions (Vinyl)

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