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artist  title  label year of release
Steven Wilson 4 1/2 K Scope 2016
Steven Wilson Transience K Scope 2016
Andy Tillison Diskdrive Durch 2016
Anekdoten Shooting star EP Disk Union) 2016
Various Tonefloat TF100 Tonefloat 2016
Steven Wilson Hand cannot erase Kscope 2016
Fish on Friday Godspeed CD Baby 2013
Anekdoten Until the Ghosts are Gone Musea/Virta 2015
Jane Getter On Snapper 2015
Theo Travis "Double Talk" Transgression Esoteric Antenna 2015
Christina Booth The Light   2015
The Tangent A Spark in the Aether Inside Out 2015
Dave Sturt Dreams and Absurdities Esoteric Antenna 2015
Travis & Fripp Discretion Panegyric/Tonefloat 2014
Echo Engine Windjammer    
Goldbug Nacaal IK 2014
Bass Communion Indicates Void 4 CD Box set Tonefloat 2013
Steven Wilson The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories) KScope 2013
Steven Wilson Drive Home EP Kscope) 2013
Soft Machine Legacy Burden of Proof Esoteric/ Moonjune 2013
The Tangent Le Sacre du Travail Inside Out 2013
Travis & Fripp Follow Panegyric 2012
John Lester Jazz? Ambit Jazz 2012
Steven Wilson Catalogue/Preserve/Amass CD/Vinyl Headphone Dust 2012
Steven Wilson Get All You Deserve DVD/CD KScope 2012
Bill Nelson Classic Rock Legends 2CD/DVD ITV 2012
Travis & Fripp Discretion High res Download only - Bowers and Wilkins 2012
Dalis Car Ingladalonenes MKCD4 2012
John Foxx and Theo Travis Torn Sunset Edsel 2011
Steven Wilson Grace for Drowning KScope 2011
Bill Nelson Classic Rock Legends DVD ITV 2011
The Tangent Going off on Two DVD SCM 2011
The Tangent Comm Inside Out 2011
Theo Travis All I know 33 Records 2011
Travis & Fripp Live At Coventry Cathedral Palvergyric 2010
Travis & Fripp Live at Bishops Cleeve 12" Vinyl Tonefloat 2010
Travis & Fripp Live at Broad Chalke 12" Vinyl Tonefloat 2010
Soft Machine Legacy Live Adventures Moonjune 2010
Stefano Panuzzi A Rose Emerald 2010
Goldbug The Seven Dreams One K 2010
Tim Motzer and Markus Reuter Descending One K 2010
Gong 2032 A Wave 2009
Steven Wilson Insurgentes 2CD KScope 2009
Francis Dunnery There's a Whole New World Out There Aquarian Nation 2009
Theo Travis' Double Talk Ascending- Live at the Pizza Ethersounds) 2009 limited edition 2CD set
Theo Travis and Fear Falls Burning The Tonefloat Sessions Vinyl Tonefloat) 2009
Travis & Fripp Thread 2LP Deluxe Vinyl Edition Tonefloat) 2009
Travis & Fripp Live at Broadchalke DGMLive Download) 2009
Travis & Fripp Live at Bishop's Cleeve DGMLive Download) 2009
The Tangent Down and out in Paris and London Inside Out) 2009
Sugizo Cosmoscape compilation)
Steven Wilson Insurgentes Headphone Dust/ Tonefloat) 2008
Steve Jansen The Occurence of Slope DVD samahdisound)- 2008
Karmakanic Who's the Boss at the Factory Inside Out) 2008
Philip Clemo The Rooms All colours arts) 2008
Steve Jansen 4 remixes from Slope Samadhisound) 2008
Jade Warrior Now Windweaver music) 2008
No Man Schoolyard Ghosts Snapper) 2008
Travis and Fripp Thread Panegyric) 2008
The Tangent Not as good as the book Inside Out) 2008
Bass Communion Pacific Codex   Equation) 2008
Cary Grace Band Where you go   Door 13 Music) 2008
Theo Travis Double Talk 33 Records) 2007
Theo Travis Slow Life 2 LP Deluxe vinyl edition featuring bonus tracks Tonefloat) 2007
Soft Machine Legacy Steam Moonjune) 2007
The Tangent Going off on one Inside Out) 2007
Steve Jansen Slope Samadhisound) 2007
Cipher Elemental Forces Burning Shed) 2006
Bass Communion Ghosts on Magnetic Tape Tonefloat) 2006
No Man returning Jesus Complete Sessions) 3LP Vinyl edition 2006
Theo Travis Eleven Bowls of Acidophilus Flute Salad Tonefoat/C) 2006
The Tangent A Place in the Queue Inside Out ) 2006
John Lester So Many Reasons Midnite Cafe) 2006
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream Special Edition 2 CD set) Lava/Atlantic) 2006
The Tangent The World that we drive through Inside Out) 2005
Nine Horses David Sylvian/Steve Jansen/Burnt Friedman) Snow Bourne Sorrow   SamadhiSound) 2005
Bass Communion Indicates Void Tonefloat) 2005
A Marble Calm Surfacing Burning Shed) 2004
Steven Wilson Unreleased Electronic Music Volume 1 Headphone Dust) 2004
Bass Communion Ghosts on magnetic tape Headphone Dust) 2004
Tito Lopez Combo Still Smokin' Tito's Records) 2004
Karen Lane Taste 2004
David Sinclair Into the Sun 2003
David Sinclair Full Circle 2003
Uri Geller Meditations Forkbender) 2003
Uri Geller Words of Courage and Inspiration Forkbender) 2003
Steve Lawson/Theo Travis For the Love of Open Spaces Pillow Mountain) 2003
Darkroom Remixes 2003
Porcupine Tree The Sky Moves Sideways Reissue) Delerium)- 2003
House of Thandoy House of Thandoy 2003
Harbans Srih's Vybesmen Harbans Srih's Vybesmen Tito Records) 2003
Bass Communion / Various- Bass Communion remixed Headphone Dust) 2003
Theo Travis Slow Life Ether Sounds) 2003
No Man All that you are Hidden Art EP) 2003
Aphratec The Discerning Dancefloor Volume One. "All Things" track on vinyl compilation album Care in the Community Records).
Cipher One Who Whispers Gliss) 2002
Theo Travis/Mark Hewins Guerrilla Music Burning Shed) 2002
Burning Shed Sampler Two Travis / Hewins track "Slow Life" Burning Shed) 2002
Gong OK Friends Gas) 2002
Gong From Here to Eternety 2CD reissue) Snapper) 2002
Gong High above the Subterranea live DVD Snapper) 2002
Inconnu Les Pensees de Nos Reves ep) Over Records) 2002
Akiko Kobayashi Beloved Warner Japan) 2001
Anja Garbarek Smiling and Waving Virgin Norway) 2001
Jansen Barbieri Karn JBK) Playing in a room with people Medium) 2001   Live album)
Porcupine Tree Recordings K Scope/Snapper) 2001
Bass Communion Bass Communion 3   Burning Shed) 2001
Recreator Solar Sahara FMR) 2001
No-Man Lost Songs ,Volume One Burning Shed) 2001
No Man Returning Jesus 3rd Stone) 2001
Rod Blake Blake Candid) 2001
Tito Lopez Combo Tito Rides In Acid Jazz) 2001
Gong Zero to Infinity. Snapper music) -2000
Gong Live to Infinitea Snapper music) 2000
Bass Communion Invisible Soundtracks Macro 3 compilation Leaf)- 2000 "Quantico" track )
Bass Communion "Drugged" remix on Silver Apples Remix CD 3rd Stone) 2000
Porcupine Tree Stranger by the minute/Even Less pt 2). single K Scope) 2000
Cipher Hidden Art compilation Hidden Art) 2000   exclusive Cipher track "The Lodger pt 2")
Jansen Barbieri Karn Medium sampler. Medium) 2000   live track "Life without buildings").
Pulse Remix CD DJ Spooky and Steve Jansen tracks Medium) 2000
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream K scope) -1999
Porcupine Tree Piano Lessons/ Ambulance Chasing Kscope) 1999 single
Various The Sky Goes All The Way Home. Voiceprint) 1999 Cipher and No-Man tracks)
Bass Communion Bass Communion 2 Hidden Art) -1999
Yukihiro Takahashi/Steve Jansen Pulse Con Sipio) 1999
Jansen Barbieri Karn _ism Medium) 1998
Masami Tsuchiya Forest People Polygram/ Cross) 1998
Bass Communion Bass Communion 3rd Stone Records) 1998
Indigo Falls Indigo Falls Medium Productions) 1998
Velvet Smooth Moods 2   Jazz FM Records) 1998 track on compilation
The Great Unknown It's out there Infinity records) 1998
Theo Travis Live at Ronnies 33Jazz Rceords) 1997
Sugizo Truth Polygram/Cross)- 1997
Ute Under The External track 'Three Breaths') Id/Mercury Polygram) -1997
Theo Travis Secret Island 33 Jazz Records 1996
Dick Heckstall Smith Celtic Steppes 33 Records 1996
Gaddy Zerbib Gaddy Zerbib Zerbib 1996
Jive Nation Under African Skies Bridge Records 1996
The Other Side Dangerous Days Bridge Records 1994
Theo Travis View From The Edge 33 Jazz Records 1994
Jade Warrior Distant Echoes Red Hot 1993
Theo Travis 2am 33 Jazz Records) 1993
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Double Talk 'Transgression' - Live 2015

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Theo Travis' Double Talk - Everything I Feared (Live 2015)

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Happy New Year. Hello 2016!

​First of all, apologies for the lack of updates on this site. Very sadly, my friend Phil Smith who built and looked after my website since the beginning suddenly became very ill, and sadly passed away early last year. The website has been rather in limbo ever since, but it is hopefully being sorted soon. My deepest condolences go to his wife and family.

2015 was a good year for me and pretty productive musically. I guested on seven albums – all of which were very well received and a few – like Steven Wilson's 'Hand. Cannot. Erase', and others by the Tangent and Anekdoten appearing in many Best of 2015 lists. It was very exciting and rewarding for me to get back in the recording studio with one of my own bands and record a new album of my own material. 

The Double Talk Band with Mike, Pete and Nic worked really hard on the new material and have been absolutely amazing. I love what they all did in the studio and the new album 'Transgression' is for me a career highlight. It was great of Steven Wilson to fit in the time to mix and master the album and he was absolutely stunning in doing so. I was delighted that Vicky Powell of Esoteric Records came forward and invited me to release the album on that label and I have been pleased how that has all worked out. Great of Tonefloat to release the beautiful vinyl edition too – my first jazz album on vinyl. The album has been very well received (getting in a few Best of 2015 lists too) and it has been great taking the band out on the road – touring the British Jazz Clubs again. We have more gigs coming up this year and I am looking forward to them. I hope you can make it to one.

New Double Talk albumSoft Machine Legacy has continued to tour, though with John Marshall not being well, we have had to use dep's for some of the gigs. Thank you to Gary Husband who stepped in for the Japan gigs (also with Keith Tippett) in March 2015 and to Nic France for the Euro gigs in December 2015. A great job done by both and a pleasure to play with. It looks like we are dropping the 'Legacy' tag in 2016 and we are going to be Soft Machine from now on. I understand we could have all along, but for various reasons it was decided to call the band Soft Machine Legacy.

The surprise of the year was the e mail completely out of the blue I received in August while grabbing a coffee at a motorway services on the way home from a few days away…

"Hi Theo, David Gilmour here. Would you give me a call when you have a moment please?
Best wishes,


I was asked at short notice to join David's 'Rattle That Lock' tour for the European dates in September 2015 with some rehearsals in Brighton first. As a fan of his music and playing, and a Pink Floyd fan since being a teenager this was hugely exciting and a real privilege for me. I was to absolutely love the whole experience. The venues were mainly large open air Roman amphitheatres – like in Verona and Florence in Italy, Orange in France and Pula, Croatia. 

They were all stunning, the band fantastic and David Gilmour was amazing. Such a great musician and iconic talent. A gentleman too.

It was great to play again at the Royal Albert Hall in London in September when I guested with Steven Wilson and his amazing band. I also recorded a couple of tracks for his new mini – album '4 ½' .

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